Discipline Decisions

After hearing the evidence, the Discipline Committee determines if there has been professional misconduct or incompetence. The standard of proof required for this determination must be “clear, strong and convincing” and does not require the virtual certainty of “beyond a reasonable doubt”, as applied in criminal prosecutions. In legal terms it is based on a “balance of probabilities” as in non-criminal or civil cases.


2017-010 Penalty Hearing Decision Maurice Poirier and Tanya Hannah

2017-018 Discipline Decision Barkley Bauer

2017-010 Discipline Decision Maurice Poirier and Tanya Hannah

2018-002 Discipline Decision Bryan Hardy

2016-017 Penalty Hearing Richard Moore

2016-017 Hearing Decision Richard Moore

2016-007  Hearing Decision Alice Knox

2016-003 Penalty Hearing Gerry Webster

2014-003 & 2014-004 Hubert Leblanc

2016-001 Devon Ramsay and 2016-002 Nancy MacPherson

2015-003 Dudley Clark

2016-003 Gerry Webster

2015-023 Gerry Webster

2014-029 Ellis Levine

2014-025 Penalty Hearing Fernand Levesque

2014-025  Merit Hearing Fernand Levesque

2014-024 Andrew Libby, Louisette Higgins

2014-017 & 2014-023 Harold Planetta

2014-016 Katherine Bacon

2013-026 Roxanna Trottier


Appealing Decisions

Any appeal of a Discipline Committee decision is made to the New Brunswick Court of Queen’s Bench pursuant to s. 25 of the Act.