Step 2:  Salesperson’s Pre-Licensing Education Course (Self-Directed Study)

The Salesperson’s Pre-Licensing Education Course is designed to introduce the new salesperson to the real estate industry and prepare them to write the qualification exam.

 Self-Directed Study

The self-directed study option is designed to facilitate the participation of potential members where the classroom schedule does not meet their needs. The participant purchases the course and then studies the materials at his/her pace.

In addition to completing the material at your own pace, all Self-Directed Study students are required to attend the three (3) day Practicum.
The Practicum portion of the Salesperson Pre-Licensing Education (PLE) course is a three (3) day session, held on the second weekend of each month. The Practicum must be completed in order to qualify to write the PLE exam.

How to Register:
The Practicum is held on the second Friday, Saturday and Sunday of each month from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, subject to pre-registration. Call the Office Coordinator at 506-459-8055 or email to register for the Practicum session you would like to attend. You must register by the Wednesday prior. Please note that we now offer the Practicum in French. Please call the office to inquire about the dates. The dates for the English practicum can be found here.

Next Steps:
Once you have completed the Practicum, you are eligible to take the PLE exam. The exam is given on the third Saturday of each month, subject to pre-registration with the Office Coordinator. Call 506-459-8055 or email:

Current tuition for the Salesperson’s Pre-Licensing Education Course through Self-Directed Study is $2,600 + HST (plus the cost of shipping if applicable).  This fee includes all course materials and the administration and correction of the exam at the end of the course.

Students will have one year (1 year) to complete their course from the date of registration.

Register for the self-directed study course HERE

Refund Policy:

Should you choose to cancel your registration, you must submit a written request to the Education Officer. Refunds will be approved based on the following schedule:

10 calendar days from date of payment 75% of tuition refunded
20 calendar days from date of payment 50% of tuition refunded
30 calendar days from date of payment 25% of tuition refunded
More than 30 calendar days from date of payment NO REFUND
New member fees tables can be found by logging into the MPower member portal.