New Brunswick Real Estate Association 2017 Education Requirements  



The Mandatory Continuing Professional Development requirement is determined by the Committee of Examiners and approved by the Finance and Consumer Services Commission (FCNB).  Anyone who holds a real estate license, whether it is a salesperson, or agent/manager, must complete the requirements set forth.  Members licensed as Agents or Managers may have additional requirements to be completed within the given time period.

This information guide is intended to provide registrants with an overview of the guidelines and procedures for the Mandatory Continuing Professional Development requirements. It is your responsibility to read, understand and adhere to all guidelines.

The MCPD requirements are in place to assist real estate professionals in gaining knowledge to better serve and protect the public, to improve the professional image of industry and to reduce potential claims against registrants.  For further information, or for clarification of any information contained in this publication, please contact the NBREA’s Director of Education at


2017 MCPD Requirement

Salesperson licence holders must complete 9 MCPD credits in 2017 

Agent/manager licence holders must complete 12 MCPD credits in 2017

The 2017 requirement for all members is the completion of the Mandatory in-class NBREA REALTOR® Update (3 credits); Mandatory Online course (3 Credits) titled “Ethical Practice and Radon Awareness for Real Estate / Pratique éthique et connaissance du radon par les agents immobiliers” (ETHI1057A) – via and 3 hours worth of elective course(s) from the “prescribed list” of courses or providers (members choice) for 3 credits.  A member may also request that a pre-approval for a course they would like to take by putting the request in writing to the Director of Education.

AGENT/MANAGERS must also complete 2017 Mandatory Education course presented by FCNB – Trust account Administration (3 credits)


2017 MCPD Classroom Course / Online course 

The 2017 MCPD classroom course is: 2017 NBREA REALTOR® Update (3 MCPD credits) The MCPD Mandatory classroom course will be offered at 12 sessions throughout the province in both English and French.  Please refer to the course schedule for dates and locations. There are more than sufficient spaces to meet the needs of all members.  The fee for the 2017 course is $135 + HST.

2017 Mandatory Online course is: Ethical Practice and Radon Awareness for Real Estate / Pratique éthique et connaissance du radon par les agents immobiliers” (ETHI1057A) (3 MCPD credits) The MCPD Mandatory Online course is provided through All members must complete the online course through NBCC. $75 + HST

2017 Mandatory Agent/Managers course is: Trust Account Administration (3 MCPD credits) The Mandatory Agent/Managers in-class course is presented by FCNB. Hosted 6 times throughout the year across the province. $50 + HST

To register for any of the NBREA course offerings go to

To register for the Mandatory online course go to NBCC


2017 MCPD education requirements deadline 

All MCPD credits must be completed by November 30th of each year.


Mandatory Continuing Professional Development (MCPD)



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